Starter: This is the standard package for companies that have no in-house help, and need complete management of their social media presence. I first put together a comprehensive strategy complete with a competitor analysis and a content strategy tailored to your marketing goals. I keep all platforms fresh with daily posts, grow your network through user interaction, expand your online influence within your field (and beyond), and provide you with a detailed monthly analytics report that helps you see your influence and ROI in the world of social media. Why is social media important?

Premium: This is the package for companies that are looking for blog creation and management in addition to their social media with the premium package. Relevant weekly blog posts increase your visibility on search engines, gain credibility in your field, as well as increase overall lead generation for your business. Why else is blogging important for your business?

How is pricing structured? The packages are structured around an approximate $18 per hour base. My goal is to make social media accessible and profitable for small businesses and non-profits that otherwise wouldn’t have access to its many benefits.



Private Consulting: $30 per hour for individuals that are in need of help with either personal or professional online presence. Sessions range from tutorials of how to navigate social networks to online image consultation.

Organization Consulting: $75 per hour. I am available to host in-house social media workshops to help orient your employees on how they may best contribute to growing your online network, or how to make the most of LinkedIn as an organization. Perhaps you’re not wanting to outsource your social media marketing, but you’d like help before you fully dive in. I’m ready for Aylo Media to help!

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